Herstellung von Stahl

Radiation suit, of course, cause all of the fall out from the atomic wars. This is truly amazing, a portable television studio. No wonder your president has to be an actor, he’s gotta look good on television. Well yeah, you know we have two of them. Oh, if Paul calls me tell him I’m working at the boutique late tonight. Marty, don’t be such a square. Everybody who’s anybody drinks. Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind.

Thank you. In about thirty years. I just wanna use the phone. Alright kid, you stick to your father like glue and make sure that he takes her to the dance. Let’s put him in there. Huh?

Oh, no no no, I never uh, I never let anybody read my stories. No no. Lorraine, Lorraine, what are you doing? That was so stupid, Grandpa hit him with the car. Precisely. C’mon.

We never would have fallen in love. Calm down, Marty, I didn’t disintegrate anything. The molecular structure of Einstein and the car are completely intact. Oh, then I wanna give her a call, I don’t want her to worry about you. Hey wait, wait a minute, who are you? Stella, another one of these damn kids jumped in front of my car. Come on out here, help me take him in the house. Oh, what I meant to day was-

Oh, hi , Marty. I didn’t hear you come in. Fascinating device, this video unit. Why not? Leave her alone, you bastard. No, Marty, we’ve already agreed that having information about the future could be extremely dangerous. Even if your intentions are good, they could backfire drastically. Whatever you’ve got to tell me I’ll find out through the natural course of time. Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me that it’s 8:25?

But, what are you blind McFly, it’s there. How else do you explain that wreck out there? I’m really gonna miss you. Doc, about the future- Uh, well, I haven’t finished those up yet, but you know I figured since they weren’t due till- No wait, Doc, the bruise, the bruise on your head, I know how that happened, you told me the whole story. you were standing on your toilet and you were hanging a clock, and you fell, and you hit your head on the sink, and that’s when you came up with the idea for the flux capacitor, which makes time travel possible. You got a permit for that?

Um, well it’s a delorean, right? It’s cold, damn cold. Ha, ha, ha, Einstein, you little devil. Einstein’s clock is exactly one minute behind mine, it’s still ticking. I’m too loud. I can’t believe it. I’m never gonna get a chance to play in front of anybody. The appropriate question is, weren’t the hell are they. Einstein has just become the world’s first time traveler. I sent him into the future. One minute into the future to be exact. And at exactly 1:21 a.m. we should cat h up with him and the time machine. Hey man, look at Marvin’s hand. He can’t play with his hands like that, and we can’t play without him.