Yeah Mom, we know, you’ve told us this story a million times. You felt sorry for him so you decided to go with him to The Fish Under The Sea Dance. It’s a board with wheels. You cost three-hundred buck damage to my car, you son-of-a-bitch. And I’m gonna take it out of your ass. Hold him. You know, Doc, you left your equipment on all week. We’re gonna take a little break but we’ll be back in a while so, don’t nobody go no where.

Tab? I can’t give you a tab unless you order something. Ahh. Really. He’s an absolute dream. I don’t like her, Marty. Any girl who calls a boy is just asking for trouble.

Hey George, heard you laid out Biff, nice going. George, buddy. remember that girl I introduced you to, Lorraine. What are you writing? George, aren’t you gonna kiss me? Well, because George, nice girls get angry when guys take advantage of them. Doc.

But I can’t go to the dance, I’ll miss my favorite television program, Science Fiction Theater. Good morning, Mom. C’mon, more, dammit. Jeez. Holy shit. Let’s see if you bastards can do ninety. The only way we’re gonna get those two to successfully meet is if they’re alone together. So you’ve got to get your father and mother to interact at some sort of social- What’s the meaning of this.

Flux capacitor. The appropriate question is, weren’t the hell are they. Einstein has just become the world’s first time traveler. I sent him into the future. One minute into the future to be exact. And at exactly 1:21 a.m. we should cat h up with him and the time machine. Ohh, no. Oh, yeah, yeah. Of course I do. Just a second, let’s see if I could find it.

Good evening, I’m Doctor Emmet Brown, I’m standing here on the parking lot of- George, buddy. remember that girl I introduced you to, Lorraine. What are you writing? Now which one was it, Greg or Craig? Biff. Uh Doc, uh no. No, don’t be silly.

It’s cold, damn cold. Ha, ha, ha, Einstein, you little devil. Einstein’s clock is exactly one minute behind mine, it’s still ticking. Maybe you were adopted. No. McFly. Yeah okay.

Great Scott. Let me see that photograph again of your brother. Just as I thought, this proves my theory, look at your brother. Marty, one rejection isn’t the end of the world. So tell me, future boy, who’s president of the United States in 1985? Is she pretty? I’m gonna ram him.