Transformation Perfomance



Transformation Indicators

The financial sector can act as an enabler for transformation, specifically demanding, accompanying and promoting it from companies. In order to classify the progress of corporate transformation, intelligent indicators are needed that include not only the status quo, but also additional elements such as climate targets and assessed transformation and investment plans. The individual structural set-up of companies and the concrete assessment of technical measures of the respective sector must also be included.

To facilitate this role, we have developed cross-sector as well as sector-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) that make a company’s transformation performance assessable for you.

Orientation Frameworks

The orientation frameworks summarize the measures required for decarbonization and are intended to enable you, as a financial market player, to understand the requirements for transformation in a sector-specific context and thus enter into a systematic and goal-oriented dialog with companies.

On this basis, you will be able to discuss transformation strategies and measures with companies, identify investment needs and develop financing solutions. It also enables them to better understand transformation-based risks and opportunities in the individual sectors and to take them into account in their risk systems.

Electricitcy generation

Strommasten in den Feldern bei Sonnenuntergang

Manufacture of steel

Stahlherstellung im Hochofenverfahren

Manufacture of cement

Zementfabrik im Sonnenaufgang

Logistics: Road freight transport

Ammonia & Synthesegas

HVC – Plastics

Commercial Real Estate & Residental Real Estate

Agriculture: animal husbandry


Ein mehrstöckiges Haus, das gebaut wird

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