Pathways to Paris

Shaping transformation: making the most of the opportunities to reverse climate change.


How can we overcome the climate crisis? The answer to this question will pose enormous challenges for the economy and society in the coming years and decades. Our emissions from power plants, industrial processes, agriculture and the transport sector must be significantly reduced. This is the only way we can comply with the targets set in the Paris Agreement.

Many companies have already initiated transformation processes. But to ensure the competitiveness and future viability of the economy, we need to speed up and intensify the transformation. Yet only a few business models are actually on the verge of disappearing. Now the goal has to be: embracing the transformation as an opportunity and actively working to shape it.

To reverse climate change, it essential for us to pool expertise, engage in dialogue and work together. To ensure that we can find pragmatic and effective solutions through science-based and sector-specific scenarios.





Pathways to Paris is a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWK). The project duration is expected to be two years.

WWF Germany and PwC Germany accompany and support the participating companies in the development of transformation paths that are necessary to achieve the goals of the Paris climate protection agreement. In addition to creating a common understanding and broad acceptance of the requirements of a successful climate change, sector-specific, reproducible transformation paths are highlighted, which are made publicly available.

Exclusive advice with a direct effect on e.g. production technologies, strategic planning or value chains of individual companies does not take place. Furthermore, there are no financial liabilities between the participating companies and the project initiators within the framework of the project, so that any conflicts of interest are excluded.

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