The transformation tool



PwC and WWF developed a transformation tool based on the findings of 30 project workshops. It guides companies to their own transformation planning in three simple steps:

First, the tool creates a sector-specific transformation pathway that helps you better understand the minimum requirements of a Paris-compatible emissions reduction. In the second step, you can test the effects and costs of different reduction measures and visualize their effects graphically. Finally, you can use the tool to plan the implementations of the selected measure in a roadmap, and thus evaluate the necessary investments for the transformation plan over time.

The tool will be available free of charge for two years.

The practical guide “Schritt für Schritt zur Transformationsumsetzung” offers you additional concrete assistance for Paris-compatible structural change. It shows how the path can be shaped and what needs to be taken into account. It is thus a guide for you before and during transformation implementation. The practical guide is only avaiable in german language.

FAQ about the transformation tool

Here you will find tips and information on using the transformation tool. If you have any further questions, please contact us using the contact form.